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March 2024

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Rules and Regulations


1.1 The following "rules" should be seen as guidelines. The organising committee is allowed to ignore a rule in order to make the competition as fair as possible. If
any conflict or unclarity occurs, always contact a member of ShaDoWz Gaming staff to seek clarification.
1.2 The Overall In-charge has the final say in the tournament.
1.3 Good behaviour, during and between matches, and willingness to communicate with admins and other players is absolutely required. Punctuality is of upmost
importance to ensure a smooth competition.
1.4 All games will be hosted by a tournament official.

2. Tournament System

2.1 This event is a free for all tournament for 12 teams to be registered. Only 4 teams every 3 group will be take after all group finish event top 4 will be take. The event will be a single-elimination tournament.

2.2 Registration Refer top 4 teams every group. The drawing of slots will be done by computer, which is strictly random and unbiased.The bracket will be out on 1 July 2012
2.3 Map version will be based on the current map used by GARENA. which in the case will be 6.74c.

3. Matchtimes

3.1 All games have to be started strictly based on the timing given. Waiting time of 10minutes will be given for all teams to gather their respective players. Teams
that exceed the 15minutes will be automatically disqualified.
3.2 The tournament will be start on Saturday 27/7/2012 1900 (+8 GMT) sharp.

4. Lineups

4.1 A Team has to consist of at least 5 player and 2 subsitutes.
4.2 Team members can usually be removed or added anytime by informing the administration about it. However, player cannot switch teams once being registered by another team into the tournament.

5. Remakes, Saves and Pauses

5.1 There is a limit of two remakes per team for each game. In the scenario where both teams agree, number of remakes can exceed 2.
5.2 If one player disconnects and there is no remake, you are allowed to : 1) Use the hero and his items or 2) Sell all items from the hero.
5.3 Saving of the game will be done by a staff of the channel. Saves will be made after first blood or after major engagements. You can also request for save to the
referees. However, your request may be denied if there is a save made recently.
5.4 When a player disconnects the team can force a reload from the last save only if the other team isn’t ahead by 5 points since the last save. Hero kills are 1 point, tower kills 2 and barracks 3. This rule may be bypassed if the other team agrees.
5.5 When there are problems with the game (no saves or the host disconnects at 55 minutes and the last save was at 15 minutes, etc.) you must contact a Tournament
Admin who will decide what happens.
5.5 Each team has a maximum of two pauses, 5 minutes, per team. If the other team agrees the pause can be extended past 5 minutes, before pausing and unpausing you need to inform your enemy about this with a countdown, so you don`t get any advantage. Special pauses (after a disconnect, to save a game, etc) do not count towards this limit. Abuse of the pause function might result in a default loss.
5.6 Pausing the game unannounced can distract your opponent’s concentration, can give you an unfair advantage, is highly unmannered and therefore strictly forbidden. Players have to inform the opposing team BEFORE pressing the “pause game”-button.
5.7 In the event where there is no referee observing the game, the captain of the winning team will have to submit the replay to any of our staff members.

6. Ingame Rules

6.1 Bug using may result in a default loss.
6.2 Maphack is strictly forbidden and will result in an instant disqualification.
6.3 Backdooring is allowed. [Players are allowed to attack towers or other buildings inside the enemy base (this includes the first and second tower on each lane)
without creep support]
6.4 Players are prohibited to stall creep waves and let multipe waves out at once, such as using Earthshaker's fissure to block creeps at 0000 game time. However, slowing of creeps is allowed.
6.5 Bottle crow is allowed.
6.6 Power up is allowed.
6.7 Bad sportsmanship such as flaming will result in a immediate disqualification.

HAVE FUN!!!!! GOOD LUCK !!!!!!
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